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    garlic jr

    To Jimesu_Evil: I know what u mean, and i didn't want to flame someone! (sorry if somebody felt offend!) On topic: I like the ref. pics, i really hope that oni creates a model close to those.
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    garlic jr

    Garlic Jr. hm? Finaly! A great idea!!! I posted such an idea once in the "Final Request Threat" , but nobody answered. That's the reason why nobody posts anything in there! Do your best! The hardest work would be his cape in his first form i think. Every model that came out with a cape was...
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    Hey if there is a good animator outside !!

    Perfect Cell fo 1.0? I guess it's not made by him, so he won't have any pics. Otherwise he would know how to reanimate. By the way, ssj 4 gogetenks i pm u and i hope u read it! :rolleyes: