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    coming along nicely man keep this up and im sure we'll all see a leet ass naruto model...
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    New Team Members

    gimme a T rah! gimme a E rah! gimme a A rah! gimme an M that spellllsssss T E A M.... GO TEAM!!!!!!!!! sorry, had a sudden urge to bring out the inner cheerleader in me :]
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    adult gohan in 1.2...

    and if you read even closer you will see that little thing next to it that says [in development]
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    Gohan release

    wow great model wish some1 would make adult gohans like that SSJ and SSJ2 let alone mystic. seems like ive been looking everywhere for my completion of adult gohan for EVM but i cant seem to find anything Props again to smo.. oh and before i forget.. Lord Killmre nice sig :-)
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    combos for 1.2

    although I say out with the old and in with the new. kARRDE has a good point we did spend lots of time learning this system and should keep it. And im sure the esf team is working on smoothing out the old system so it gets rid of all those bugs, which leets like to call tricks.
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    Step by Step Guide to installing EVM

    such tension
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    prolly good ideas to follow the DBZ series more. But it seems to me a lot of things arent following the series. For example is it just me or when charging up KI it looks nothing like it does in the series (the aura) -ReFLeX-