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    Help needed badly

    hi i installed steam then double clicked esf shortcut steam window came up then i clicked register a product i already own i then put in the half life cd key and it says that the key is invalid because it been duplicated? My half life is the original UK version.
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    ESF Executable File Out of Date?

    hi ive installed half life, hl1110.exe update,esf beta 1.2 and esf beta 1.2.1 patch but when itry to join a game it says my Earths special forces executable file is out of date please help. thanks
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    Help needed badly

    hi i installed my half life game then installed the half life update (hl1110.exe) then i installed esf beta 1.2 then esf beta 1.2.1 patch tried to run it and it says my esf executable is out of date? i had esf earlier in the year with no problems so can ne1 help? Thanks in Advance