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    ewww f u c k rikkuu ****

    **** u rikku spamm my thread i was looking 4ward 2 c if ne 1 could coz nobody eva goes in that request thing heeps of peepz have tried but ive seen no1 try ive only c people answer back inless they make a thread of it i prolly gonna get banned 4 this but my esf is gone so f u c k u rikku ***bo
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    request plz read this

    hey peepz im realy hoping some 1 will answer this this is my request can some 1 plz make a legacy of kain soul reave model if u do could u make a kane model with the soul reaver
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    say whaa check dis out :)

    hey umm soz 4 making a dum thread but ummm can some1 plz tell me where i can get jedi night 3 or jedi academy or wat eva its called im looking 4 part 3 if u wana close this thread can u plz wait after if some1 tells me where i can get it magus or u other fullas :! thx
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    my new sig

    hey this is my new signature all credits to Unknown
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    Request FOO :)

    hey umm ma m8 may make a model so can i plz receive some ref pics ima cant find ne i would like some ref pics of brolly or janemba plz and den u fullas will have a new janemba or brolly both will b good thx :)
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    part of throwing melee

    i think there should b when u swing them arround and throw them at a player they get knocked over or something that will b kewl 4 part of melee 1.2 not much =)