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    dear esf team... every year again u try to fool me :) nice try and nice faked email ^^^^^^^ i nearly got fooled
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    Important Question about Remote Control

    okay i try to discribe my problem and i hope that someonecan help me..... i want to make a remote desktop connection between 2 pcs from windows XP to windows 2000 and i dont know what i have to do in windows 2k that it worx i hope that somebody can help me
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    Before 1.2 was released i heard that there should be a cvar where u can turn off advanced melee....
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    999,999,999 PL?!?!

    i know this "bug" too it has to do with buu xD im the rhymer ^^ i can get 999 999 999 in less then 5 mins
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    Pumping ki?

    buus bodypart isnt in 1.2 too i heard there were too many bugs
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    Dedicated Server

    How can i add Esf to steam dedicated server?????
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    Steam Server

    another questen: when i set maxplayers 5 and then i do restart then its again maxplayers 32 can u help me?
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    Steam Server

    How can i create an INTERNET server on steam with my own pc??? on won it always worked and now when i press create a game then its only a LAN server.....
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    I wanted to know if someone else got the W32sasser worm.... i already removed it and sometimes there still comes the msg that the PC will shutdown in 60 secs.... (its not blaster worm i already removed it 2) please post what u know about this worm (4 everyone who doesent know: when the msg...
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    May 8th interview with esforces again..??

    What is the Releasetime in German Time?
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    Mouse sensitivity?

    i use 2 and i got an logitech dual optical mouse :D
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    What is That???

    i think zero played first and then he went spectator because he wanted something to eat :)
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    Picollo finished 100%

    omfg omfg omfg , thats the best Picoolo ive ever seen! He looks better than in the show :talk: :yes:
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    Transform in Struggel

    I think there should be a litte powerup or something like that when u go ssj in a beam struggel...... Please post your comments!
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    Thanks a lot!!!!
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    Could someone please post a link, i want to download the map i like this map very much and i want to play it again..... i found no link in this forum only 1 and it was broken please post one.
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    ESF seems slower on steam for me...

    CTDB does not work on steam.......
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    Evolution Mod

    Whats up wit the Evolution Mod is it DEAD ? ! ?
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    EvM Progrees tread#2 <-- VegeTa <-- GoKu (i only postet em beacause the picture didnt work)