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    Trunks Combo?

    This guy knocked me out and then he got next to me and did some crazy stuff and I died in like 5 was fast as hell I asked him what it was and he said his combo errr somethin. He wass SSJ trunks
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    I get 130 FPS. and 60ms of ping...I have no lag.
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    I think there should be craters...I want to see a huge chunk of the map go flying when I just hit someone with my Special Beam Cannon, or Final Flash. Also...I dont think that when you are in a PS, when the blocker hits the ground, the blast explodes. Thats not 100% show accurate...almost...
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    Hey guys,Im a complete Noob at DBZ...

    Dude, I was pissed after I sold my legends...that game PWNed. I have DBGT Final Bout American, with Gohan on the cover. I also have DB Final Bout with Goku on the front...I have DBZ UB22 too. I like Legends the was so 3d...but had cartoon characters...but the gameplay was 3d.
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    ESF on half-life: blue shift

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    Hey guys,Im a complete Noob at DBZ...

    There are Sagas and in Each Saga there is a new Evil guy(Frieza, Buu, Androids, Cell, Big Monkeys, etc) Then Goku come and saves the day at the end, except in the cell games.
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    Always Successful at Melee

    Its ping...I was playing the host and he had 0 ping (of course) So yeah, it is ping
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    Always Successful at Melee

    I was pinging about 50 I believe... Yeah...50.
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    ESF Kidz

    Im probably one of the few that was fooled and that actually liked the idea. I mean, OMFG WHAT A STUPID IDEA.
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    Always Successful at Melee

    How do I make it so that if I go heads up with someone at melee I will hit them...because holding down the right mouse button dont work anymore. I was playing this one guy and I would rush him and hold my mouse at the same time...then he would wait til the last second and rush me and attack...
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    Piccolo Scatter Beam

    How do you get so many lil ki blasts like on the homepage... When I do it, I only get a few to come fair.