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    Saibamen... Hydroponics 101

    i was working on this model and decided i was very proud of it so i wish to share it with the ol esf community :) the head is the only thing textured and normal mapped. the rest will be revealed once i do my texturing thing to it. he stands at about 1500 triangles at the moment (including...
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    DB:S Oozaru

    this is an oozaru model i put together for dragonball source. crits and comments are welcome...
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    Goku WIP

    after making the vegeta model 3d modeling has become much easier to me. ive gotten a lot better. got this done in a couple of hours. crits and comments please :)
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    Vegeta WIP

    Ok this is only the second model ive made so dont expect a godly creation. All i have done is his face so far. Let me know what ya think. if you have any tips for me please dont hold back. flatshaded... this model has come a long way... im learning a lot by making it...
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    trunks sword melee

    I just got a bit of an idea. Just wanted to throw it out there. How about Trunks have a separate melee selection that would be using his sword only with basic melee hits and have it take away more ki. I dunno i just think that would be kinda nifty. It would be like 1.1 where he uses sword...
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    swoop burst

    ok... i just got an idea.. i think it could really add a little extra to the game. You know how you can chain swoop by pressing a different direction twice? how about a desperate little boost of speed if you press the direction you are already going twice more? (i realize you have to be...
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    idea for melee struggle

    how about instead of the whole locking hands thing, there is something like in budokai where there are punches and kicks going on really fast. i dunno i was just thinkin bout that when i was playin. it seems kinda weird to lock hands then all the sudden slap slap slap kick. reminds me of a...