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    What Program Do You Use To Make ESF Sprites

    Was wondering, whats a nice and easy program that I a simple person could use to make sprites, not models?
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    Where Can I Get The Most Models?

    AHHHH, all this talk of models and skins, where is the best place to get models and skins give me all the sites you can plz
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    Server Crashes

    Alrite, I play normal, its all fine, nothing is wrong, no lag its all good :laff: BUT when i make a server after about, 45 min it crashs and exits me outta ESF, any ideas? vtw i dont think its my comp i am runnin a pent 4 2.4 gigs with 1 gig ram
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    Major ***ness

    Ok, first thing u gonna say is i suck, if thats what you are thinking, **** OFF. Now look at this problem, i charge, he charges,i have him in target, and a doing melee, but most of the time, it does not attack, and yes it is the proper button, but it just does nothing, both of us are doing the...