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    when anime goes bad

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh it's the never before released footage from the ring!
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    Favorite RPG Series

    It's either Shining Force series or Secrets of Mana. No wait, secrets of Mana owns. It's so much more than this :
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    Soul Calibur 2!

    Yea I got it for XB. Spawn is way to overpowered but Nightmare RULES! you just to DFY then QCFYYY. 0\/\/)\(4G3.
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    when did vegeta first go ssj2

    There is much arguement between whether it was when Majin or sometime before the world tournament saga as stated in manga. I think it's before, as when you first see it it doesn't take the usual 15 episodes to transform.
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    Dont have dragonballs in any map

    And you can get loads of stuff at red-saiyin.
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    Were is everyone

    Don't forget all those Dutch people! Yea Steam doesn't have that many servers yet (that work).
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    I need DBZ ESF

    I know I should start my own thread 4 this but will ESF work as a mod for CS 1.6?
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    It's funny how there's a 'How to I go ssj?' thread just below this. If you want to use Gogeta, you have to put it in the right characters folder (The model that is) depending on the character (probably SSJ-Goku).