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    1.2 Release timezone

    Sorry for asking this, but its been driving me nuts all day >_> is there a specific timezone for the release of 1.2- just curious because I am sure quite alot of people are from europe (who play that is) and we'll have to download it at 2am when its like 7pm over in the states :) Not here to...
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    UK Toonami theme

    Do any of you people from the uk know the song they use to advertise toonami, which is usually inbetween shows? Its the really fast heavy one with guitars and such, showing clips of some person crying from some other anime I dont know lol, but it has clips from gundam wing and tenchi and dbz...
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    General random 1.2 melee question

    Sorry if this has already been discussed, I know you forum admins are like Vegeta when it comes to closing posts :) Just a simple question, when characters are thowing their punches and kicks, will there be sound effects for the character thrusting their arms and legs in the air hitting the...