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    im graduating from gr 8 o_O
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    Ssj2 Gohan Fixed

    Head skin: BFP's.
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    Enter The Matrix Q

    Enter the cheat (mp cheat) on one of your saves.. then load that save, Push left (the d-pad) and you should be able to see multiplayer maps, you then can fight 1 vs 1
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    Enter The Matrix Q

    Okay Ive made it all the way to the part where you have to shoot out the planes tires though I been wondering, Why the hell haven't I seen Keanu Reeves yet? I mean hes the friggin star of the movie, Isn't he? Does anyone know if you see him later on in the game? I was going to ask for Morpheus...
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    Uefa - A.c. Milan vs Juventus! Who will win?!

    A.c. Milan all the way! It'll be a great game don't you all think? A great ending to a tournament, 2 Of the best Italian teams in league though, Real Madrid loosing was an upset :shocked: I thought it would be Real vs. Ac.
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    One sentance story

    Once apon a time a man with too many hot dogs died, goku_son_1 inherrited the hot dogs. Then played with the hot dog's till they were cold, then ate them. The problem is though that he got a rare breed of food poison that only affects main characters. He went to Vegeta's house and the poison...
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    One word story

    One Donkey named Tim lived. happely was drunk ape chicken bull... meanwhile cows fly sometimes to get high after Smokin' Poncho grande nani!? in school was dead Mokey killed fried and screwed dogs hard
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    Orion made a wp? no way!

    Nice looking much better man ^-^ Lets see, Try brightening it up in some spots, Try Dodge/Burn and for a more alive look try overlaying some layers. I'm loving that text hehe
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    Amber Alert. Read.

    Just recently published news articles..
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    Amber Alert. Read.

    Just to make sure everyone is on the same page.. Amber Alert stands for.. America’s Missing: Broadcast Emergency Response Or at least that's what I'm told, Http:// Should have more information. While I go to work or at work I'll listen to 680 (News station) To find out as much...
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    Amber Alert. Read.

    Please, Everyone. Pray for the Jones family for they've experianced a great loss to a very.. very.. sick person. Most of you might be wondering what I'm talking about, Well just take a moment to read this is really serious. A 10 year old girl was missing (Just over/under 24 h I believe) And...
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    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    lol I might add some stuff tommorow ^-^ if i got time ii got lots of other projects I only spent like 5 - 10 minutes on this o_O and most of that time was getting the images
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    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    lol, I didn't use tutorials >_< I took Orion's bg and just dodged and burned it...
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    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    lol, Its was made for fun and personally I like Orions better x_o. You can use it as a wallpaper also ;P And there was no cloud edition... I just edited his bg.. -_-; I hate when people try to act like know it alls >_<
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    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    Thanks Hib, Keep the crits comin'
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    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    I edited it to show him how to improove it and I just wanted everyone to see for comments, Not my best work but I think it turned out nice. 100% credit goes to [SAS]Orion. Enjoy o_O
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    Favorite Linkin' Park Song

    Runaway. I don't why, Sorta potrays what I'm going through right now probably thats why I like it so much.
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    new gundam wp

    Fix up the text, Fix the images quality and tweak the grid and your set. Looking good, this peice shows lots of potential
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    All 3d programs can make movies except Bryce. And yes, 3dsm can. Maya? My cousin owns a gaming company or something and he needed Maya for certain things so thats what I'm using atm. And my friend, I think he bought his hes pretty rich heh. hes nuts, he bought 3dsm I got him to burn me it
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    I used to, BUt I prefer 3dsm its more of my style.. My friend Spitfire (old forum member) taught me how to use it.. I just noticed, he used like every fricken proggie O_O wow heh