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    Account Information

    I managed to find out what my old ESForces account was on the forums. Unfortunatley I do not remember the password since I created it in 2003 and left it until a few months ago I created this one since I could not remember what my old account was. I was wondering if a moderator or an admin can...
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    Realest Video Game Ever

    Contains: Cursing, Violence, Blood. The contents are not extreme or graphic. Anyway, this is something that will blow your mind: This seems to be another example of...
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    A movie based on the popular video game series Doom has been confirmed and has an official site up: They also have a trailer plus a very long interview with ID Software and a few of the cast members such as The Rock. Personally I can not wait until this movie is...
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    Source Engine Movie

    I was browsing the Interlopers news page and came across something that is worth watching... (Warning: 40 MB). It is a movie made with the Source engine using dialog from the movie, "A Few Good Men". I give it a 10/10. Post what you think.