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    quake 3 cd key?

    does any one here have a quake 3 cd key? i will trade for a cs key... i never play it any more... all i have been doing is maping for quake... but i rebuilt my comp and didnt back up my quake3 files.. so i lost my key :cry: ... i will give u a working cs key... and plz dont jack me for a key...
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    maping ideas?

    does any one have any good map ideas? cause i cant think of a map to make... if you have any good ideas plz post
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    could this be the reason for my map not working?

    lol ... sorry to post such a long usless thread.. but i think this might be why my map aint working? but... i dont know how to fix :cry: maybe one of you 1337 mappers could post the write stuff? thx Error: Entity 0, Brush 0: outside world(+/-4096): (-10135,-10041,-1600)-(-448,2818,110)...
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    what is qrad.exe?

    umm can some one tell me what is qrad.exe... it keeps saying ERROR ... qrad.exe has generated errors and will be closed by windows... i press ok.. thinking nothing of it.. and i go into game to try and test my map and it sais the same thing about hl.exe? wtf is the problem it just started doing...
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    hi.. does any one know how to make a circle for a planet? cause i read the tutorial that was posted in the stickies on sphere's, but i dont understand those very much... Im new = ] ... or does any one have a prety big one allready made that i could use? plz help me... thanks
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    does any one know of a good site with a bunch of cool sky textures? thanks...
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    swiming edges?

    hmm... when ever i go to test my map, and you go to any of the ends of the map, u can swim in the sky? i made the sky box hollowed it out, then when i made all the details and stuff of the map, you can swim through almost all of the skybox... how do i fix this? is this normal? plz help. thanks...
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    Plz help... I am a new mapper

    When i got to play my map... it sais " map not found on server " and i put the map files in the correct directory i think... in my esf maps folder, is that where it goes? plz help me.