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    Arise Shenlong >Large Dragon Pics<

    Note: For all you reader-of-this-post, this is posted for the intent to enlighten and humour those who have not yet seen, or awoken the dragon. If you have a problem with this post, consider a few things: 1. It's in Off-Topic, so really by coming into this forum you take responsibility to...
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    And I said...BUILD ME A HOUSE! <large pics>

    So, this is what happens when it's 3am and you have too much time on your end up watching your little energy ball for amusement while your friends below try to get as many frozen spiritbomb VS spiritbomb combos as they possibly can.
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    Increases in PL (too much?)

    I really understand your need in the mod to equal out the Power Levels and such, but does it have to be so drastic? I earn my way up to my power level, and I see some new guys coming in and kicking my ass because there's is now higher than mine in like 5 minutes? Wtf is that crap. I can...