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    ssj goku

    hey guys i was just wondering is there anywhere i can get a ssj modle of goku? a good one cause the defualt ones a bit crap cause of his hair makes him llok soo s&%$ in 3D model.... others are great looking foward to esf 1.3... cheers
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    Oooops the other post was mistake sorry guys what characters do u like or use? the most
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    I just wanted to see what caracters most players like and use!!
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    Hello i haven't played esf for a very long time but i'm pretty good at it now.. but anyway to the question. I heard that on the 1.1beta version which is the current one, u can not go any further than SSJ1? am i correct? so does that mean although u get like 10 million KI u can't transform...