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    Magic the gathering

    I am looking for a couple of cards for magic, Dragon tyrant x3 Eternal Dragon x3 Dragon Whelp x3 if anyone could guess i'm making a dragon deck. But i still need some cards would like info
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    FFXI Inprovments

    I would Like to know what inprovements could be made to final fantasy 11 like non recicled monsters ect.
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    Final fantasy XI

    I would like to know who has played FINAL FANASY XI and what your opinions are about it
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    Chrono Trigger

    I'm Playing chrono Trigger, and I'm stuck. Yes I know its an old game but i want to beat it! I'm in the under water fortress thingy and the boss there are two of the golems that that halve your HP and then deal about 300- 250 damage to you. I can't beat them and I would like suggestions. The...