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    Useless "For Dummies" books

    How to be dumb for dummies how to burn stuff for dummies how to buy "for dummies" books for dummies how to :) for dummies how to invade iraq for dummies(unfortunatly this is out of stock, the us government bought all copies) how to get invaded by the us for dummies(refer to the...
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    ESF Tournament Registration Open!

    ESF Tournament at DMC The Registration is open. The script is not complete, so if you need to make changes to your team after you have registered, just contact me or post in our forums. The tournament will consist of 16 teams of 3. Either 3 non-clan people of 3 people from a single clan. :)
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    DMC Tournaments

    Yes. this is an ESF Tournament. we are hoping for 16 teams of 3 ppl. all clans are invited to have 3 people compete. or if 3 non-clan people want to compete, they can make a team. :)
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    Official Esf Beta 1 Links

    Hey. weve got esf with a few mirrors at underdownloads. we just got back a few about a week ago, so some things still need to be worked on. esf looks good, im installing HL for the first time in months to try it :) lol
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    Duke3D HL Mod

    Yep, thats some pl already. I think we will keep the levels that same, and episodes too, all 4 of em, and add an extra, mabey a big one too lol. FYI, were using original sounds and using a level conversion thing (DJ-Ready know more about that, i dont know too much about the converter, but i...
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    DragonMods Central for all Dragonball Z Mods

    lol if u think that its ok. I'm working on a esf section. If you have some info, inparticular details, pls post iit in our forum, u can be anonymous and dont need to register. Ill add ppls names to a thanks to section.
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    DragonMods Central for all Dragonball Z Mods

    sr iv been away. It is actually for all dbz mods, but iv never been given esf files, im putting up [-=S2k=-]DJ-R's maps right now. The only reason there isnt an esf section right nowis because the person who was supposed to do it, didnt. Arg. There is no bfp because its not really a dbz mod...
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    DragonMods Central for all Dragonball Z Mods

    DragonMods Central = CENTRE for DRAGONball z MODificationS The site has been finished with full scripts, some of custom made by me, to allow anyone to review any file and other things. We will host any file for any dbz game, excluding full mods themselves( ex: somemod.exe ). We would love to...
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    Canada Wins The Gold In Hockey