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    Melle Question

    ok, i read on someone else's post(forgot which one) that melee guides you to the target. is this true, or is it a bunch of bs? ps, plz dont flame me for this. pps. i ment melee, not melle for the thread title
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    DMC Tournaments

    We at DMC will be holding team ESF tournaments monthly. all the details are here could a moderator please make this a sticky?
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    Lockup and other bugs

    Occasionally, when im playing, the game will lock up for about 30 seconds, but after it just resumes like normal. another bug is when im shooting a beam of any kind and i get meleed, the beam keeps going. and a large portion oof the times, i cant block melee. also, sometimes, the...
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    Thing in manual i just noticed

    when i was looking at the manual, i noticed something under the characters. it says transform powerlevel, then it says perfect transform powerlevel. what does the perfect transform powerlevel mean?
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    Question About Release Party

    Ok, it says on the main page and i was wondering, is that 9 pm tonight?