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    game wont install

    i have steam but it didnt install into the default file that it is supposed to install itself into. so i installed it into another file that worked. then i deleted the files from inside the counter strike folder, then i copyed all the esf files into the cs folder and now esf works. i can lan...
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    help with the installation of esf

    thanx for the previous help but now when i start to install it an error comes up that reads. c:\cs\hl.exe\esf\autoexec.cfg could not be opened. whats up wit that?it also says that the system cant find the path specified.. man i am tired. plz i have been up since 3 in the morning trying to get...
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    cant install esf there is no install file

    i have hl 1 hl 2 and a steam account. i downloaded a esf installer. it was sent to my desktop after download. but when i click on it windows gives me a lists of files that it tells me to choose from to open it. and no matter what i click on the installer doesnt open up. plz help me. give me a...