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  1. Evgenij

    Naruto - Sakura usefulness?!?

    I think in one of the future episodes Sasuke will kill her, because she is being too annoying :p (there is a limit on how much you can annoy a person you know :) ). That would be awesome :devgrin: .
  2. Evgenij

    Naruto - Sakura usefulness?!?

    She is just a weak little anoying girl whose only purpose is to be an episode Filler.
  3. Evgenij


    What kind of Monster can pose a threat to Saiyan? That's just redicilous!
  4. Evgenij

    Age of Empires III announced!

    Well, I'm impresed with those graphics, so far this is the best i have seen in a strategy games. But do a strategy game need that kind of graphics? I'm questioning myself - what kind of PC did they use to render this in realtime?
  5. Evgenij

    Nearly 11,800 dead from Earthquake in Southern Asia

    I just watched Euro News and the new Number of victims is over 100 000 dead people O_O . This is crazy. I'm glad i'm not living near that coast :scared: .
  6. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    Sailor Alea it looks like there is only two Opinions - Your's and incorrect one :p
  7. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    I won't disagre :) It won't change anything, even if I show you the facts you are still going to think that you are right. Believe what you want :)
  8. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    So those 4 slakers are actulay equal to Goku SSJ4, remember that he was almost all out of power that time :) Well let's say that Gohan did like 45% of the charge because he is the strongest one, Goten and Trunks get about 25% each and Pan around 5%, because she is not even a super Sayain. That...
  9. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    Their energy was enough to regenerate full power of SSJ4 , that will you give you something to think about :)
  10. Evgenij

    Half-Life 2 VS Doom 3

    Doom 3 was amazing in Graphics/ Level design's (especialy the level design's). Doom 3 is of course the most scariest FPS there is. Ever. But gameplay sucked , and that's is the most important for a game, so my choise is HL2.
  11. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    I just remembered one of the bigest plot holes in DBGT - Power Levels. You remember that move that Ozaru Vegeta fired at Goku SSJ4 and he was charging that move for about 6 minutes. Well gues what - that move had a potential to destroy a solar system if you consider an actual power level system...
  12. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    Just watch DBZ and you will see that he is just playing with Buu in Normal and he goes SSJ to show that he had no chance to win to begin with, he wasn't even trying, he just wanted Buu to become desparate so he will try to absorb him. SSJ2? He went SSJ and he said that he is Super Vegetto, and...
  13. Evgenij

    Two FRUSTRATING GT Questions

    Lol :) And how did Goku go SSJ3? Nobody have showed it to him... And Vegetto can go SSJ3 any time he wants, but does he even need to do that? The answer is no, SSJ was more than enough to beat Buu, heck even his normal was more than enough to beat crap out of Buu. Gotenks need to go SSJ3 because...
  14. Evgenij

    Best Fight Scene (Naruto)

    Naruto + Sasuke vs Zabuza Naruto + Sasuke vs Haku Naruto vs Orochimaru and then Sasuke vs Orochimaru Rock Lee vs Gaara Neji vs Naruto (Naruto lost 100%, but he just relies on that demon to win the fight :no: , not fair, Neji was using his own strength :yes: ) Sarutobi vs Orochimaru Sasuke...
  15. Evgenij

    Naruto Couples o/

    Orochimaru and.... errr don't know, Kabuto probably... :laff: Orochimaru does have a women body you know, so he can be considered as a woman :p
  16. Evgenij

    [For The Dutch] HOLY **** !

    Well.. I have full Naruto up to date on my HDD, so there is nothing to wory about (for me at least ;) ). Besides, Naruto has already been fansubed by many groups and already expanded all over the internet, you can find Jap version easily.
  17. Evgenij

    Helsing vs Hellsing

    Alucard > Van Helsing for sure. Alucard killed Half-God you know, and he can revive from total Death in certain circumstances. (bad english :( )
  18. Evgenij

    Explain Yourself!

    Evgenij - This is just my real name :)
  19. Evgenij

    [Spoilers]Naruto - 106

    Well i didn't understand one thing - why did not Sasuke use the same speed as Rock Lee, if he used it fully I'm sure he could have hit Aoi directly with Chidori avoiding his sword and that would have been enough to take him out.
  20. Evgenij

    [Spoilers]Naruto - 106

    Well Sasuke did 2 Chidori's, it's quite an energy drain. Perhaps that's why he was knocked out. We can see almost the same thing when Sasuke does 3 Chidori in a day against Gaara, after that he just fall on the ground half dead.