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    the saviour of strenght shenlong is cool look for your self
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    if krillin transform i though it would be cool that he got the saiyan armor instead of the hair and shirt
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    if you transform to ssj or other you should be invincible during the trnasformation cause it would be crap if you get killed during it:D
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    hard punches

    it would be cool if you can punch somebody so hard he flies away and teleport to the other side and pnch or kick him in to the ground or air (or do more the him) like in the episodes:D
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    i would be cool if you recharge or transform underwater the water starts to bubble up
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    you can't see when picollo or krillin is on a higher level or trnsformation like the saiyans or aliens so i suggest you make another color of aura around the like begin=white level 2=red level 3=blue
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    super saiyan 3

    Goku is the only one who can transform in ssj 3 i think the other saiyan should transform in there ultra super saiyan stage that would make it kinda fair:p :laff:
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    the powerup sound is good butt i think the sound of the aura is beter for it it cooler:p
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    i think it would be nice and handy to absorb or pushing a ki atack with your hands so if somebody shoot at you you can stretch your hands and take the blow and absorb or push against the atack and the character would slide back i little bit back Greetz v3g3t@
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    if you die wile your tranformd it would be cool the body falls on the ground and you transform back to the first form so if your ssj1 goku he falls and the hair turn black again
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    the fusion thread is not bad but what if they putt the fused characters in the game problem solved:)
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    if a saiyan gos to ssj2-3 you see electricity flowwing it would be nice on the models i think
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    saiba men

    i think its fun to put saiba men in the game so you dont have to fight the players al the time
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    hard hit

    i would be cool that you can hit someone so hard he flies trough a wall or building and leaves holes and cracks in the wall or ground:shocked:
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    ssj 3

    when goku is super saiyan 3 the hair must move and how higher you ssj level is how faster you can charge attacks greetz V3g3t@
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    in the kame teaser you see goku do a backflip i think it whould be cool if you jump and press jump aigan you do a backflip so how more you push how more backflips you do greetz V3g3t@
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    can someone give me tutorials to make dbz models and skins please i dont know how to use milkshape 3D greetz V3g3t@
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    what if the saiyans can make a schield with the saiyan flames to protect you agains ki blast and the blokking go's for melee fights like in the episodes greetz V3g3t@
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    i think it would be handy to have a king kai or dende in some maps to heal you or get items of like armor senzu beans and stuff greetz V3g3t@
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    is there anyone who has pics of al the esf character who are dune please post here or on the site greetz V3g3t@