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    The worst time you crashed/disconnected...

    My worst time was when i was a very young and stupid noob. There was this guy making fun of us and i called him an uber noob(The worst insult to a clan leader) and got my ass kicked, but later when i was better i was going to fight him again. So i set a time and place...and my comp crashed...and...
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    “4:12 AM, Captain’s Log – Number zero-zero-zero… one “When I turned on the radio this morning, I heard something strange. Other than my usual visions of sheep dancing merrily in the blood stained snow, I was informed by the S.S. Carnage that I was to dock on some weird sheep...
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    I have a bio. Although you could have just imagined my signature... as a human bean... I mean being! :devgrin:
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    Fight Club Bios

    Name - Captain BoB Height - 3'7 Body Type - Skinny Skin - Green Appearance - Wears goggles and has blue jeans, a black T-shirt, and black boots. Tattoo - A skull and cross-bones on left arm. Hair - Orange mow-hawk History - Bob's a pirate who escaped from a mental institution when he...
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    do i still get to set up arena or does judge do it now? (Sorry:))
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    Your face....only your mother could love it.....mmm.....mommy......
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    Heh u ubor bummes!(Hey you uber bums) em ehr t'e 'ill ya!(Im here to kill you) Eccept meh Chalange!(Accept my challenge) ;/ :S
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    Pikmin 2

    Ok, i rented this game and all i have to say is that its fun. No blood, no bad mouth heros, no uber cool bad guys(allthough some of the weirdest boss's i'v ever seen in a game) and no hot girls...But its fun! This game has some very hard puzzles and mazes, as well as some very tough monsters...
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    u like doom3?

    I like it. The imps look to weird though...and i hate what they did with hell knights. but i like it.
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    dbz broly movie

    Broly's hair does turn purple at first ssj level and in the jap ver it explanes this but in U.S. ver it does not. it turns purple becuase broly is not an sayian but an sayian tuple hybrid. and tuples were a lot stronger than vegeta and king kai gave them credit for, a lot lot stronger(Avarage...
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    Teh wind waker GOTY?

    Teh lengend of zelda: the windwaker is the newsit and most advanced Zelda game to date. I only have the demo but i have enough reading from the web and the back of the game box to know whats up. The story goes somthing like this. at first it may seem the same(Like past titles) but it gets...
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    but...they killed teh "Elefant!" WAA!!!!!!! First thing, it put the orcs a little bit stronger than they were in the books, mostly orrcs are the cannon fodder while the trolls and easterlings did the real fighting. Second thing, The Easterlings! where are they???? the easterlings have the...
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    the right name!!!

    ssj2 and ussj are two diffrent ssj levels it does not go ssj,ussj,ssj2 it goes ssj, ussj or ssj2, ssj3 and if you count gt ssj4. ussj is an very strong form, but slow. ssj2 is a fast form, but weaker than ussj, but still the same as a normal ssj. Broli's Lssj is an master ssj. its ssj2...
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    Budokai 2

    I got a lot of questians, and teh better not be taken lightly! First of all, are all the old guys from budokai 1 still there? two, is this game just sayian and buu smashing? or does non sayains still have things to do,(I.E. Tein, yamcha, krillin, frieza) Three, even though goku can go...
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    Termanator 3

    ok...someone has to post about it. I thought the movie was better than the first, but not than the second. it was not as Bloody as the second one was...but its still rated R. What i found funny was that the T-X was weaker than the T-1000... anybody else see this? i mean, its a stronger ver...
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    Wen u tink of ___ u tink of ____

    When i think of bunny's...for some resone i think of ryoko and i do not know why... Bloody weird huh?
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    lssj ussj assj

    First ssj's eyes are green, ssj2's are teal, and ssj3's are blue. sorry bout that, a typo...
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    What do you plan on getting for christmas?

    Im getting an russian made rpg-9 kaslanovf rocket launcher. Ohh yeah...if i can't(And probroly won't) get that, i want the war of the ring or an game cube. Mabey a grand theift auto game. ahh Blood!
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    lssj ussj assj

    Ok, time fo mah ssj guide for noobs baby! Sayajin: Normal black haired black eyed sayain. Super Sayajin: Super Sayians are about a 1/3 more powerful stat wise than normal sayains, and have twice the power level. The hair turns gold-yellow and eyes turn blue Assended Super Sayajin(Ssj2...
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    I Challange The Guy That Begins with A

    Ohh well...thanks for replying.