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    Heh u ubor bummes!(Hey you uber bums) em ehr t'e 'ill ya!(Im here to kill you) Eccept meh Chalange!(Accept my challenge) ;/ :S
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    Pikmin 2

    Ok, i rented this game and all i have to say is that its fun. No blood, no bad mouth heros, no uber cool bad guys(allthough some of the weirdest boss's i'v ever seen in a game) and no hot girls...But its fun! This game has some very hard puzzles and mazes, as well as some very tough monsters...
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    Teh wind waker GOTY?

    Teh lengend of zelda: the windwaker is the newsit and most advanced Zelda game to date. I only have the demo but i have enough reading from the web and the back of the game box to know whats up. The story goes somthing like this. at first it may seem the same(Like past titles) but it gets...
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    Termanator 3

    ok...someone has to post about it. I thought the movie was better than the first, but not than the second. it was not as Bloody as the second one was...but its still rated R. What i found funny was that the T-X was weaker than the T-1000... anybody else see this? i mean, its a stronger ver...
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    Wen u tink of ___ u tink of ____

    It's a game, f00. Not a BLOODY one, but a game anyways. Here's how it works: Say something that reminds you of somebody here like I will say below (and is said in the title) Whenever I see Cheese I think of Blood okay... I really think of Cheeseman. Get it? You think of something, you...
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    I like gravy... and gr00vy

    Yes, I challenge thee as well, gr00vster... wait, gravy and pickles! *passes out* Oh well. Fight meh, yeh filthy... lizard *pet lizard is offended* Oh, my baby... *licks lizard* You filthy sheep! *sheeps bleets in pain* Oh, my other baby... *licks sheep* *gets...
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    Meh Pet lizzard!

    Carefull, he bites! and licks! and eats! Don't criticize my baby because he's pixelly. Not every lizard is perfect. You shouldn't be so discriminant, you pixelly lizard bigots! BTW this is ment to be a corny sig before you ask.
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    I Challange The Guy That Begins with A

    I have no clue who that is. If your name begins with A, fight me in an official fight club challenge! Other wise, Cucomba! i challange you! me and Mah Lizzard! *Makes hissing noise's and slithers off...* *Note* This is real BTW, i really want to do this. And ill like da Prozac man for...
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    Captain Jack Sparrow... or is it Bob?

    VB made it for me. I want some critz on it. I like it :devgrin:
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    Frieza only evil?

    I had this thought the other day... Is it just me or is Frieza the only dbz bad guy to be Truely "Evil"? I mean...think about it. The red ribbon army was just following orders, and the boss was insane. Raditz was trying to help his brother the only way he knew how. Nappa was just...
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    Friezas disk

    No, this is not a nother dumb "Ohh, pleas help his disk is to killer and we can't do anything about it!" Noobish Crying. I was watching the show, and i noteced that frieza does not use his disk in his first form, he does in his 2nd. And vice versa the death ball. Frieza does not use...
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    Going easy?

    Ok guys, this is a bit wierd. When i join a game, for some reason i find myself going easy if the people are not "Up to date" But when somone good joins, then i get harder, but i don't get to my best. Is it that i like to lose? or is it becuase im just to kind to people? Anyway the...
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    Krillin with Sb? I think that Krillin should get the spirit bomb or the kame torpedo. Becuase this is ether a Sb or KT, tell me what you think.
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    SSJ raditz?

    i found this web site, its in spainish and you have to go to the end of the page to see him...but they look real... tell me what you guys think will ya? The one of the left is ssj, the one on the right is him trainsforming....i think... But i think there Db Af, i dont know, help...
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    I got a hard map idea.

    Ok i was thinking this, Its a Romm of time and space map, only with bottens on a wall in the building, when you push a botten, the map will change(Not load a new one mind you, but kinda morph) And each botten will change it to something diffrent, like a grass land, the a city, and the...
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    I have a nice idea.

    I just thought of this... You know how the esf forum works right? Like you tlak and post about bugs you find or suggestions for the game. But i was thinking, why not have a place where insted of complaning or just acting....dumb.. We had a place where we can encourage and praise works...
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    The birds are Feimagateing!

    This is not a joke, scientists have discovered that some birds have eaten so much gas'y foods that when exsposed to an open flame they blow up. This is not a joke! And when cats eat one of these birds....they get, ah, the runs real bad for a weak. So please keep your cats indoors untill...
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    Esf music?

    What does the music you have now have to do with dbz? Where's vegeta's ssj theme song? where's vegeta's normal theme song peroid? where's cell's and buu's theme's? And super buu's theme? thats got too be the best song in DBZ! to make it short... Id like too see more songs from the show...
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    I just had an apithame!!!

    i was walking along when suddenly i was struck dead in my track's with an idea, well hope you like it. Ok, the way ESF is going now, we will soon have to choose from adult gohan or teen gohan, thats Beta 1.2 but i got an idea, and with this you wont have to choose one and leave the other...
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    Need some help...

    When ever igo to downlowd beta 1.1 on octagon it doeint says page is experinceing problims and will be closed for the time being, i was wondering is this just me? or can anyone else DL? P.S. i dont know where to post thgis without getting into truble, if you know please tell me i...