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    cell is the best if your a good esf player
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    N00b Modeler

    I just made a model with all its smd's and all its hitpoints and its qc file and i have everything, i just need something to compile it into 1 .mdl file, were can i find this?
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    Plugins For 3ds Max!

    thanks, i am having trouble finding the ut one
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    Plugins For 3ds Max!

    WHERE DO I FIND GMAX PLUGINS? were can i get models for gmax that allow me to export as half-life models and to export as ut2004 models?
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    N00b Modeler

    thanks, how do i get the models into .mdl form? the plugins?
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    N00b Modeler

    thanks, and if i make a texture in photoshop, what should i save the file as?
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    N00b Modeler

    I recently started modeling with lightwave 8.0 and i have plugins, the only thing i need is help giving texture to the model i have the model itself but it has no texture. were and how do i get textures? i have photoshop and am happy to make them, can someone please just help me a bit or post a...
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    Creating a Steam server? Read this for cvars.

    its just like clicking on create a server button. Btw i fixed the problem it was something with my computer not steam. I think something with the firewall.
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    About steam Questions

    most answers are found here.
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    no more dust and aura

    I think i know what it is. Is this with steam? If so do these steps. 1. Start Steam/Esf 2. Go to options 3. Under multiplayer click use quality models or something like that. Then click advanced and make sure 24 bit textures and all those boxes are checked. 4. Under video...
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    Creating a Steam server? Read this for cvars.

    damnit, has anyone had trouble starting an online server with this new patch? I am i go to start it and i do but it doesn't show up on the list were the servers are and when my friend tries to jion it says latency 2000. Also i thought oh i am starting a lan game but when i go to lan games in...
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    I can't install 1.2.1

    well i am going to help you all find the directory C/program files/valve/steam/steamapps/half-life/esf ok thats it.
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    bored? try this crappy yet amusing javagame

    those books were really good hitchhikers guide rocks! that game thing is odd as well!
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    you need to stop talking if you think steam is worse than won. Steam is so much better. Graphics speed effeciency rendering every aspect owns WON!
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    Steam ESF 1.2 Help

    your starting a lan game look at this first post for help!
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    ESF Full Command/CVar List

    in the options for your server... ;)
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    steam problem

    download the client.dll which is located in the help thread of the forums inside THE BIG HELP THREAD! If that doesn't help then reinstall steam and you game! :shocked:
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    Pride's Config.cfg Fix: Adv. Menu Bugs (missing fx, mp3player, 24bit textures, etc.)

    :) I swear this will make your game work flawlessly if you put it in your half-life/esf directory this is an autoexec.cfg for steam it has 3d rocks mp3 player the highest of everthing! AUTOEXEC.CFG I swear to god it work! everything everytime it will always work! and yes the fx quality...
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    COMBOS IN ESF 1.2!

    is that *burninated*?