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    MP3 Player prob

    I cant get the MP3 player 2 work. i cant even bring up the mp3 player menu. i am useing WON. is there a CVar or something 2 activate it. plz help cos i love my music. I am using 1.2
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    problem with the trunks model.

    Hi, when i use trunks and i use melle he gets his sword out but when i change to say burning attack for example he gose to put his sword away (put on his back) then the sword just sticks to his hand. Even when i switch back to melle he acts like he is taking the sword back out. (even though it...
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    steam problems (again)

    I haveing troble with steam. I loaded it up all good and working no problems. Then when i go to change my contorls there are no controls to change. So i think, ok fine i'll just use the defaults but no keys work, the consol sais there all unbound. Ive tryed reseting the defualts but that dont...
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    Is steam needed??

    I've been readind some threds about steam and i was wondering if it is really needed. I mean i still get servers normaly but is it better to use steam, like do you get more servers or something?
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    How do you change the sky.

    Hi, ive started makeing my own map and ive got it working and all. But I was wondering if someone could tell me how to change the sky graphics. because I was thinking of makeing a namek level and I dont want the normal sky.
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    Help with servers

    Hi, ime not sure how to find servers. I go on internet games and refresh and i get loads off server come up from diferent games. Also I was wondoring dose ESF find more servers on steam. Thxs for you time.
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    New Attacks (Ime sure these have not been suggested before)

    Here are some new moves that i have come up with. I sure these have not been mentiond before. 1. Cell - Energy Field - The move that he used when goku was pumbeling him with tons of ki blasts. It creats a huge shield around you that blocks moves and dameges other people. The longer it...