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    Copyright Laws

    From what i heard they wern't all that cool about dragonballq or whatever
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    Good BUY esfMod

    I'd rather play Counter-strike source then esf but that's only because the melee got changed to something i do not like at all. I'll settle with SoS whenever it releases but anyways have fun in halflife2
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    It's only fair and right

    I have no problem with other games being on other consoles its just people that have to make a big deal about it being on another console. And i might want it and i don't wanna buy a gamecube jsut for this game.
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    It's only fair and right

    Quote: Originally Posted by Pan Well let's see, considering the PS2 fans talked as if capcom owed them something since they brought the RE titles over to the gamecube They don't owe PS2 fans anything either. Quote: Originally Posted by Pan Resident Evil Proved to be a much better...
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    It's only fair and right

    I like how they talk like capcom owes them something when they don't. They should be happy that they started putting RE games on the gamecube in the first place. But i signed = \ but what i wrote isn't to friendly lol
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    Any 1 play specialist?

    I use to play alot but i quit due to overpowered kung fu moves, guns, and knifes = \
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    ESF's Popularity

    Im from the 1.0 days and i can tell you i don't like the melee at all because it feels so much slower then 1.0 and its basicly nothing but arrow pressing to me. And yes i did find other games i find 10 times better then 1.2.
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    Favorite Fastfood

    There is a fast food place where i live called mr burger and the burgers there are big and awsome.
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    Has anyone tried to marry the barber in bowerstone? I have tried for like 30 minutes but damn. im not even sure if you can marry npcs = P
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    Try the north bowerstone store thats right infront of the entrance.
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    You know alea there is some good that comes from marrying lady grey like konoc the axe you get by getting through the demon door by marrying her and a katana laying around in her room. The katana does more dmg then the sword in the stone. I was gunna kill her after i found out that she killed...
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    Help With Dragon Ball Z Buu's Fury for GBA.

    H.f.i.l is a good place to get your characters up to lvl 140 pretty fast.
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    I know but lol its mean and was just saying. speaking of statistics screen did anyone else see the record for how many women you slept with XD guess that flirting expression really does have a use = P
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    Might not wanna do that at first = ) cuz you gotta do some good deeds for something but it is pretty funny to hit ppl and kick chickens = P
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    how did you find ESF?

    I saw version 1.0 on planethalflifes mod of the week
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    What do you hope for esf will have in the future?

    I would much rather see better melee cuz i really do not like 1.2 melee at all.
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    LOG 3 question

    I played as gogeta but i did not have to do anything special all i did was go to hfil after goku's time is up and went to go get vegeta (trained them both) and went to that lvl 100 vegeta door in hfil and got to jenemba and fused as gogeta. one time thing i believe :]
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    Well im talking about the combat :smile: The expressions rock and the random bullies you see being mean to ppl is quite funny especially the one at the very beggining that i decked a couple times. So far its a great game and if your a fan of rpgs i suggest picking this one up.
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    It reminds me alot of zelda 64 = P but it is a damn good game, like freedom said it has loads of content and the boast feature is great. Boast is a feature with your quest that gives you like extra money for doing the quest a certain way like playing naked or just with your sword or without a...
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    ppl with sof2

    lol i forgot all about this thread =P well i asked a friend and he suggested cleaning it with soap and water ( i always thought if it wasnt clean it just wouldnt work) but it worked like a charm