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    Negative ki bar

    I like this idea. This would make power struggles longer and better. Gohan was really tired when he defeated cell, so this idea makes sense.
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    Swooping and targeting idea for melee.

    Targeting the wall by holding a botten sounds like a good idea. I'd prefer shift rather then Ctrl but you should be able to set it up. This would prevent accidents like, wanting to target an enemy but miss and target the wall or vise versa. Here's acually goo stadegys if this was put in...
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    Swooping and targeting idea for melee.

    :yes: Wonderful idea. This could really confuse your enemies in areas that have lots of walls near by.
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    Aiming after meleeing

    Good idea. Well since everyone has different opinions, why no make it so the admin can turn it on or off.