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    Enter The Matrix Q

    Okay Ive made it all the way to the part where you have to shoot out the planes tires though I been wondering, Why the hell haven't I seen Keanu Reeves yet? I mean hes the friggin star of the movie, Isn't he? Does anyone know if you see him later on in the game? I was going to ask for Morpheus...
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    Uefa - A.c. Milan vs Juventus! Who will win?!

    A.c. Milan all the way! It'll be a great game don't you all think? A great ending to a tournament, 2 Of the best Italian teams in league though, Real Madrid loosing was an upset :shocked: I thought it would be Real vs. Ac.
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    Amber Alert. Read.

    Please, Everyone. Pray for the Jones family for they've experianced a great loss to a very.. very.. sick person. Most of you might be wondering what I'm talking about, Well just take a moment to read this is really serious. A 10 year old girl was missing (Just over/under 24 h I believe) And...
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    Wind Waker Wallpaper (WP Edit)

    I edited it to show him how to improove it and I just wanted everyone to see for comments, Not my best work but I think it turned out nice. 100% credit goes to [SAS]Orion. Enjoy o_O
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    Enhance Your Images (Photoshop Tutorial)

    Enjoy.. Any questions.. Post them in here..
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    They are sorta old, They've been sitting around in my computer for a while so I'm posting then for some crits on how to get better on stuff I haven't already.
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