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  1. C 2....

    how 2 run HL from steam?! O_o
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    thats awsome..!
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    i need file...

    sorry 4 dp but i really need ur help!
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    how 2 make ESF work?

    ok ok i got the point!
  5. C 2....

    how 2 run ESF with steam? O_o
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    how 2 make ESF work?

    yeah but i have 1.2... what the 1.2.1 doing?
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    Beta 1.2 Help Thread

    Question: can some1 give a working link 4 fmod? XD
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    i need file...

    i need Fmod file... cuz when i open HL it says something about client or something...
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    how 2 make ESF work?

    =\ well... i DL ESF 1.2 and now i need 2 install install location is: F:\Siera\Half-Life\esf is that should be like that? and if it is... how 2 run the game? o_o thnx 4 the helper :scared: