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    New Buu Attack

    why not make the new candy attack like a beam. give it a charge time, a damage amount, and allow it to explode on contact with something or someone and anyone killed by the blast turns into gumballs or jawbreakers? just a thought
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    the characters

    Android 18, Tien, gotenks and pecon though he didnt do too much for the story line. all cool characters IMO.
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    Attacks i think Buu should have

    lol just picturing people speeding away from a mass of pink blobs fearing the idea of stopping makes me laugh. but should that kind of absorption be included in a later version i would prefer it made a bit different than just firing a barragh of the things. it would be a bit more challenging...
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    Attacks i think Buu should have

    Sorry if this has been posted several times but i gotta speak these ideas. i Think Buu should have some extra candy selections, even if they do the same things as the others (i.e. cookie, chocolate, donut). i think he should have the round candy that he turned vegeto and several towns people...