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    Ginyu Frog

    This has already been reported.
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    Body change

    I mean when you actually have changed bodies, when you're in the other bodie, you can't fly either.
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    Body change

    Forgot to add this, but also, when you change bodies, you can't jump, fly, swoop, dash or teleport. Edit: Woops, sorry for the double post.
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    Body change

    Uhm, in this update it is stated to be finished except for the bugs in it.
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    Body change

    Looks like I got accidently shot in the air because of the bot then.
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    Body change

    When you switch body's, you stay in that form forever. When being a frog the game crashes when you do any attack but the bodychange one.
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    Movie of the Week

    What's the title of that song?
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    Local Gfx

    My friend asked me to post this and to comment it because he is on smallband: *removed* He also said that all who does gfx, and those who want sigs etc. are welcome to join his forums.
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    need help

    hi i want to ask if someones good at modeling,coding,skinning,animating or something else like that would u plz answer to me. i can't tell u y cuz else i get banned so mail me @ i'll explain u everything there
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    help needed

    we are making a gundam wing mod and we are a little short in workmen, so if u could do modeling,skinning,animating,coding or u know someone who could do that then plz contact me No advertising allowed on these forums. Closed.
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    gundam wing

    does anyone know sites were i can download gundam eps,no kazaa or netpumper or stuff like that. I saw them from the firt till the 21th. i would realy apreciate it.
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    k BIG THX
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    How do you use the sword of trunks plz tell me!!!!!!!!!!!
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    and how do you use youre sword
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    wasn't ther gonna be SDK 3.0 or something and if it is included how do you see it?????
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    hiding youre power

    it would rock of course and it makes things more like in show but there must be ofcourse the bigger auras and stuff. and yes majin is very cool because there has to be evil in youre hart and then youre with the help of babidi youre power rises very much.
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    hiding youre power

    i suggest you should add the pl hiding like in the show. so you should be able to hide your pl at least 10% of youre maximum power and you should be able to power up like they do in the show when they are about to fight a strong opponent. sry for my bad english i'm dutch
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    Gohan all forms WIP

    great skin when are you going to release it???
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    when will we can play evm on lan or our own servers????
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    Final Trunks Armor Pack 1.1 !!!!!!

    i think the super saiyin hair is to flat