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    Demos :p

    Since guys here have bad humor (ZEONIX!!! <--- READ THIS !!!!!!) ^^ --------------------------------------------------------------------- ~Links Removed~ Yoruichi vs Drew :p have fun guyz
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    D: D: D:

    I remember few people on forum asking to see Demos from ESF players..:P Saiyajin.K || Kai. vs LF | Loko (LF | WinnieThePooH) Hope you enjoy guyz :) ---------------------------- If you still dont know how...
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    More of me :P!

    For all demo lovers around, I made 3 more demos. --------------------------------------------------------- First, Kai vs Ichigo ( Again, just abit more serious score from me) --> Second vs Ichigo - >...
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    Hm.. :P Need some help here?

    Well, Appearently, Someone has decided to fake me and play as Kai even though i explained to him, mannerely, that this Nick is being used by me since 1.1, and that he cant just use it, he didnt want to change his nick. So there are Few options. 1.) I can ban him from all servers i admin in, (...
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    Need your Opinion ;)

    Yo guyz. since the servers in Israel are just had just now returned. im recovering my skills abit^ (no ping skill) Anyway i want to know what you guyz think of my fight with [InstaSaiyan]Cutdown. (We decided to forbid the use of cell from now on, only Goku <> vegeta in 1v1s)...