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  1. Reptile

    What anime are you watching?

    There are quite a few anime's that started last quarter wich will air in this one as well Kill la kill, Kuroko no Basuke, Magi, Strike the Blood, Tokyo Ravens (and the big three ofc). From Q1 in 2014 the following look interesting to me: Nobanagun, Nobanaga the Fool, Noragami, Buddy...
  2. Reptile

    Character customisation

    Basic idea, creating differences depending on playstyle. Thoughts: Using FPS as a reference (sniper vs short range) Current thought train: Using your turbo button you can power up into the area you want to strengthen yourself. After playing as a transformed being you will "master" the form...
  3. Reptile

    Password retrieval.

    Hey everyone, I wasnt able to retrieve my password for my account. No matter what i tried i couldnt get it to work properly. Therefor i decided to write this little topic to help the ones that may have a similar problem. Currently these problems occur because of the migration. If you cant...
  4. Reptile

    Share your coolest Anime´s

    Of the anime´s i have watched this far i made up a favourite. (Note. i havent watched many yet) 1. Bleach (awesome action and good fights) 2. Full Metal Alchemist (Good anime with lots of moments that made me look O_O ) 3. Naruto (lots of characters, interesting storyline and good action)...
  5. Reptile

    Beam attacks.

    Hi, I know this has been suggested over time, but since i can only search once every xx seconds i couldnt find any threads about it and couldnt find my answer. what i would like to know is, if the team is changing the splash damage that beams have. its to fricking irritating that you are...
  6. Reptile

    Mods based on the anime Naruto

    Hi guys, I´m curious about mods that are based on Naruto. i know there are some mods in development but i cant find games that are allready playable. So i´m asking you guys. What naruto mod has the most potential, and what mod is allready out or near releasing date? If you know any mods...
  7. Reptile

    naruto ep.

    how many episode´s are there of naruto? i saw 82 allready but i was wondering how many there are?
  8. Reptile

    a way to stop beaming

    well we all know we can beam spam. i did some thought about it, and the thing i am gonna suggest has been suggested in many forms, i lost count of them so i dont know if they had been suggested in combination with the beam spam, so here goes i would like to suggest that there will be sort...
  9. Reptile

    Which console is best to buy?

    hi guys, i´m about to buy a console like playstation2 xbox or another. but i dont really have experiance with them, so what would be (in your oppinion) the best to buy. money isnt an issue, just want to know which one´s are easier in use, have better games on them and so on.
  10. Reptile

    Gamemode suggestion.

    well after reading through this topic an idea crossed my mind remember how the Z fighters had to fight of different floors to reach the bottom of babidi´s ship? what if the evil team has to defend the ship and the good guys had...
  11. Reptile

    Struggling suggestions

    in addition to a dieing thread i copy pasted my post, to give some more attention into this suggestion i think when 2 guys are PS the third party who is wanting to help must stand in a certain angle to join the PS, that way the beam could be pushed in the same direction. if he is not in that...
  12. Reptile

    Advanced melee

    hi guys, i just took another look on the pics that are showing on the mainpage, the following question came up, after watching the picture of ssj gohan fighting goku. how much does PL affects advanced melee? what i´m curious to know is what will be the difference, say, a one mil krillin...
  13. Reptile

    gl TCiccarelli

    well after reading TCiccarelli post i couldnt help postig this topic, i hope u get over this crap you are in right now. hopefully things will work out for you just fine, take it easy bro, maybe well talk one day when youre full of good health. jeah i'm duth, and i'm not the best...
  14. Reptile

    Beta 1.3, u know u dont wanna miss it

    yay, we got smo we got smo we got smo :yes: :yes: good discision, now i´m sure that 1.3 will be an update to remember, welcome to all and good luck and fun performing youre work *ps hibiki, are you cranky lately? or does youre closing saber run off ;/
  15. Reptile

    christmas present?

    lets see if the esf team is giving us a present for christmas, like they did last year, it would give me another reason to run from my famili :laff: :D :fight: suprise me us :p
  16. Reptile

    Fury mode

    hey i like to ask u guys what do you think of a fury mode? with a fury mode i mean a button you can press when you are so angry(in series) that you will explode with anger to try and stop youre opponent. for the diff people's Goku -> Kao-ken (against Freeza) Vegeta -> Mass ki ball...
  17. Reptile

    explenation of outline point

    Frieza’s telekinesis i just read this in the beta 1.2 outline, can somone explain it to me what this means? cant figure it out
  18. Reptile

    ssj3 goku

    i dont know if you guys allready thought much about his ssj3 form, i did some thinking on it last night and thought it should be this way; when goku turns ssj3 his power should firstly increase [duh] but after he turned ssj3 his power should decrease with every minute, cause in the show its...
  19. Reptile

    dbz related gamez?

    does anyone knows if there are more dbz gamez? if so where can i download them, not dmz dbq looking gamez, but kinda like streetfighter or a game with an above view
  20. Reptile

    SSJ transformations

    hai there, i know the first time when you will go ssj it will be animated, after that it was told that youd simply pushed a button, my question is, is the transformation gonna be the same as the first one or,would the first one be like goku turning ssj in frieza saga flashing hair and...