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    Where is it at?

    hey guys im new on the scene, and up for a game or two, but instead of playing on pubs, i was wondering if ther are many clans, or tornaments etc going on? cheers eNigMa
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    Help with steam

    hey i was just wondering if i can buy HL: Blue shift and then get a steam account with that, and then install esf on top of it...? or do i have to buy either hl or cs? thanx eNigMa
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    trying to conect 2 onlin games

    when i tried to conect to an online game it came up with thin msg: well first it sed thati didnt have then map (but that should b ok as it sed that i was going to b able to download it off the server) but the main problem was it sed "your .dll [cl_dlls\client..dll] differs form the servers"...
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    is it cs of halflife?

    heyas im still trying toi connect to an online game adn im wondering whether i was meant to have installed esf into cs or half life folder i have done it into cs at teh moment adn singleplayer (creating a lan game) works at the moment. But when i use the all seeing eye, it opens up halflife...
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    All seeing eye?

    just a quick question about searching for esf games in "the all seeing eye": 1) ive got the program but when im filtering for ESF, do i filter for Half-Life or for CS? 2) Also, when i "filter" how do i do it exactly? do i go and search for ALL the halflife/cs games and then click find...
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    Question -Online?

    Hey so does every1 play online, i havent got a CS cd key, but im considering going out adn bying one! If so, when your in ESF do u need to internet games, but then about a hundred bijillion games come up that r all CS games... ? how do u filter it, (this is an advanced question as i get no...
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    Does n e 1 get that annoying voiceicon thing?

    Hey every1 I am a HUGE dbz fan and i was sooo cut when i found out that the only game that you can play on the comuter that is imilar to something like dbz BUdokai DOEST WORK ON MY COMUTER I can get into the game etc. But sa soon as i try adn load a game it comes up with...