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    help plz

    can u guys tell me how to put a sig under my post help
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    make me a sig please

    can anyone plz make me a sig that says dbz_freak and has the pic of brolly and if i like it i will give you guys credits on other sites too
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    its out yall

    finally the moment we all been waiting for beta 1.1 is uot oh yeah isnt that great
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    has there been relesed a vegetto model i want to get him because he is sooooooooo cool
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    dbz budokai

    does anyone play budokai in here and what do you think about it:)
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    here is where you can find servers

    some noobs have been wondering how to find servers well here is your answer go to then click on search for mods then write esf then search it will show you all the active servers **or be lazy like me and just go to and save...
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    your favorite movie

    Which movie is your fav movie i actually have 3 movie 8 brolly movie 10 return of brolly and movie 12 rebirth of fusion
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    which ss4 is the strongest

    which super saiyan 4 do you think is the strongest
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    which human is the strongest

    who do you think is the strongest
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    whos the best

    which character do you think is the strongest
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    how do you make them

    ppl i am new here and can anyone tell me what do i exactly need to make models/skins
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    brolli in movie 8 and 10

    how come brolli looks alot younger in movie 10 than in movie 8 did he like lost weight
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    help for dragonballs

    I need someone to tell me how to summon the dragon becauser I have tried it a lot of times please help me
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    when will it be released

    does anyone know when will beta 1.1 be released
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    please give me a website that shows the servers of esf:cry:
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    what about brolli

    i havent download this but is there brolli in selectable chars he is my fav character