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    Video card

    fixed the problem it ran in open gl wen i changed from mini drivers to default drivers thanx alot, Blimey
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    i cant run opengl

    sry no help i have same problem new drivers not do anything sorry bud Blimey
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    ati card plz help

    :cry: yea iv been having the same problem x-cept i have a ati range mobility p vid card the new drivers didnt do anything 4 me Blimey
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    Video card

    i downloaded the new drivers (and installed them) it still says that the open gl mode isnt supported by my ati range mobility p vid card (dell laptop) thanx, blimey
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    Video card

    Has anyone elses video card not been able to support the openGl video mode? because the game crashes on software mode, and direct 3d crashes sometimes too. and it says that my vid card doesnt support the opengl mode. Thanx alot, Blimey