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    Animated Auras

    I don't know about anyone else but something I think would bring more life and originality to the game would be animated auras in the upcoming beta. After playing ESF for some time now the auras just don't seem as exciting as they could be. Is it possible to edit the sprites so that they roll...
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    Adult Gotenks...

    I just downloaded and watched the last few episodes of Dragonball Z and saw Goten and Trunks standing next to each other as teens... then the thought hit me, wouldn't it be so cool for there to be an adult Gotenks? I'm tryin' to imagine what he looks like, hehe. Maybe someone should use their...
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    Frozen Blasts

    Tis may have been posted before but a number of times I've fired a simple ki blast at a bot, he's deflected it and it travels a short distance before freezing and it stays there for ages, up to 1hr. Also, another problem I have is after a very evenly matched ps, when the ps lasts for a looong...
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    Sig Help

    I've made a sig and used the tags in my CP but still it doesn't show! I've tried both .gif and .jpg formats but still nothing! What's wrong?