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    New game mode idea.

    Capture the z sword, saiya-jin armour, or whatever. A piece of equipment that wopuld make you A LOT stronger than everyone else, and you could wreak havok upon them if you have it. If someone manages to kill you, you drop the godly piece of equipment, and is free for everyone else to take...
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    One for people who are crating servers.

    I think that it should be possible to turn an option on so that you don't lose power when switching maps. That way we could get really high power levels (or KI in the game.. :| ) ,without getting bored of the map.
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    I have this great idea

    We should all add our ESF names in our sigs, that way we can know when we are playing with someone from the forums. :) I'm "Taco", btw.
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    Fighting techniques

    What are some of your favourite fighting techniques? I used to like blocking when someone was trying to do melee on me, and then fight back when they were recovering, but it got boring when everyone else started doing it as well. I foud a way to couter that techinque, though. You attack...