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    Solve this riddle.

    Or maybe he wanted to **** with our minds;/
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    SSJ transformations

    Back to the topic, Does being killed change you back to first form? Will you be able to change back into your first form without having to be killed? If you are able to change back to first form with the touch of a button can you change back just as quickly?
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    The ESF-Bot

    Are the bots going to be able to transform, if not could you make it so we could just add bots of a character's second form?
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    The Hud

    How would asking a question about the scouter in a thread titled "The Hud" be considered changing the topic? Isnt the scouter part of the hud?
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    I know u luv questions ^_^

    Tell it like it is Hibiki, what would the gullibles do without you to shoot down bull****ters
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    Some humor :)

    God thats funny, you guys should make that the uber-insty kill technique. One touch of the "Death Stiffy" and your nuthin but gibs.
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    Darktooth star lit night

    You have to admit Hibiki, you knew someone was gonna ask the moon question. Lol, its great, just because people know you can modify HL they think you can make entirely new game. Theres probly someway to make a map with a destroyable moon, but that moon is part of the backround MONXver2.0.
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    A Great Friend in need.... (plz read)

    Lets all w00t it up for Jester, Shows that it takes a hell of a lot more then a coma to slow down any dbz fan. Best wishes Jester were all here for ya
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    ESF Download

    I doubt many will be able to download the mod on the first day. Itll probly be from file planet and there public file servers cant handle that many people. Youd have to wait inline for days to start downloading.
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    Namek map updated.... new pics

    Could you ESF team members possibly show us all the complete models please? Or is it gonna be the big surprise thingy?
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    Ingame Pic

    Back to the beginning of the thread, can we get some more screen shots plz?
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    The Hud

    In Dark Tooths Dev journal theres a pic called swoopin buu and included as part of the Hud is a scouter that has a radar screen up. I think its a cool feature but I havnt heard squat about it in the forumn. Was he just playin a joke or are their gonna be scouters?
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    Question about ssj

    LOL welcome man
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    SSJ transformations

    Even though he has fallen behind all the other characters strength wise, you have to consider that this is a DBZ mod and Krillin did fight all through out DBZ. Its only appropriate that he be in it. As for Tiens third eye, its more of Akiras symbolism.
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    Buu Model

    yeah and you never know when theyll need a kid buu model. Say in the next version? And by the looks of that beauty its not going out a date any time soon. Who knows it might make the version after beta (if theres gonna be one) come out that much faster becuase they didnt need to spend time makin it.
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    The ESF-Bot

    Hibiki it was a joke, I believe I said that in my last post. I was just kidding about everything. No hard feelings man. I made the vegeta gif dillinger. Im glad you like it. I posted it on so if you use it you might get crap from them. You can take it if you want it, but plz...
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    Why not?

    Agree with ya totally man, but you have to admit its ironic that Akira wrote DB to mock anime and then wrote DBZ becuase the reaction to DB was so great.
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    Piccolo and Krillin?

    Its refreshing to here someone speak about something they know what there talking about. As for you Slash, can you ven begin to back up your arguement? Didnt think so...:rolleyes:
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    The ESF-Bot

    Lol I was kidding, but at any rate dont be quick to call people pathetic. Look at how many posts youve madeO_O
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    Piccolo and Krillin?

    No im saying hes not a pissant compared to them even though hed lose in the end. Think about it, by the time goku is able to become ssj3 piccolo is already permanently fused with two other Nameks. Plus he has the ability to go super namek, and he knows most of the saiyans weaknesses already. For...