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    beautiful picture

    its ok but ssj3 goku has more muscles than that
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    flash drawing

    looks good for drawing with a mouse
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    how can i go SSJ3

    theres only one transformation but you can get a ss3 from
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    help plz

    can u guys tell me how to put a sig under my post help
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    new sig

    it looks good
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    My Drawing

    it doesn't look that good
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    puppetpall Z?

    its good
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    which ss4 is the strongest

    i do agree with neosaijin and davidskiwan if you wathed movie 10 he hant trained neither for 7 years
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    make me a sig please

    okay if you want you can move it now thanks
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    Martial arts, guns, sport...

    sports play soccer hand ball and martial arts and building my body
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    make me a sig please

    can anyone plz make me a sig that says dbz_freak and has the pic of brolly and if i like it i will give you guys credits on other sites too
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    The new version of esf.

    i think bfp is the best and you dont even need to download bots
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    which ss4 is the strongest

    actually gohan was even stronger than buu gotenks goku and picolo he was the first ss2
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    here is where you can find servers

    yes it is good my friend uses it but i dont
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    which human is the strongest

    actually mr.popo isnt human and i think tien is the best and if you watched dragonball tien defeated goku in the world martial arts tournament
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    dbz budokai

    i agree with gogeta5000
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    its out yall

    Well atlest we can get an esf without bugs and trunks use his sword the buu body part attack what else do you want oh yeah forgot a bit better graphics right
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    its out yall

    finally the moment we all been waiting for beta 1.1 is uot oh yeah isnt that great
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    ESF 2.0 alpha download

    beta is better because it has better graphics