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    about CF(change form)

    trunks and gohans CF charge too fast with goku i need to do 20 or so frags to reach sayan form this must be fixed or is there something that i dont know about charging CF any ideas?
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    picollo's special beam cannon and goku's spirit bomb...

    i think that the special beam cannon(sbc) move cant be blocked,if two or more enemyes r in the same line,sbc should damage them all...the first enemy shoul get max damage,the second should get some handicap on the damage,the third should get less damage than the second one and so on...the move...
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    DBZ:Budokai 2 for PS2

    i have played the game it's the best dbz fighting game ever piccolo scatter shot rocks so have u played the game what do u think of it
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    i have installed esf and cs w/steam when i try to start a server when i choose frag limmit,free fighting or anything the server is only using the deafult optons i cant set free fight,it always starts in team deathmatch can someone tell me what is the problem does it something to do with the...
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    throw escape and how to charge Change Form (CF) faster

    how can u actualy escape a throw? i know that u must hold the first mouse button,but it works 15% of the times i tried to escape. is there something that i dont know.and how can u charge CF faster? if anyone knows,tell me please,thx :D
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    problems with mp3 in the game

    i have installed cs-steam 1.6 that runs without halflife and i have installed esf 1.2 when i start the game there is music on the title screen,but when i start a server,there is no music and the mp3 player that can be activated by pressing (deafult F8) does not work can someone tell me what...