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    ESF 1.2 + HL

    Thing is i dont know how to start steam offline, i open it, checks for updates, tells me it cannot connect and then shuts down. Im downloading the 1.2.1 now so ill see what happens.
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    ESF 1.2 + HL

    kool, ill check that out. Just had a look through the install and didnt see any options to do a WON install :( do i need a different install file or am i just being a moron and missed it?
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    ESF 1.2 + HL

    Is there any way that i can run ESF through HL rather then through steam? Basicly im at uni and steam cant get through the firewall's. Any help would be great.
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    Server Makin

    sv_lan 0 in console once server is up
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    Game modes?

    For some reason when i make a server i carnt change the game mod. I not only change it in the server creation section but i can not change it within the game. I have tryed both Free for All and CTDB's. I have tryed the mp_gamemode commads as well. What am i doing wrong? I also heard...
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    My positives about 1.2

    I think there should be a transform shield, nothing more annoying then starting your transform to have some big beam lan in your face and take you to 9 hp, no point in going ssj may as well fight in lower form :(
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    im confused(about combos)

    I dont really get this big coverup of combos, I mean yea nice one you figgerd it out, but why dont anyone want to share with other hows it done. Its part of the game, like a beam attack or somthing tbh im surprised they are not on the manual or even on some random website :(
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    counter-strike l337 P33P$

    CS has gone downhill, i used to play it non stop, then 1.6 came out and its gone down hill. I really hate this new version of 1.6, all the skill has been taken out of the game all the spray is to random, this has been done to make the game "fair" ie so you carnt remeber the spray patten and own...
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    MilkShape 3D BIG problem....

    Have a look on the website or find a decent crack :/.
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    Trowing move (talk)

    Some times i use it some times i dont, depends what mood im in. Thing is, with i play ESF i dont play to win, i just try and make what im doing look cool. May sound abit weird but when i play it i feel like im in the DBZ world and i like to feel like im playing out an episode.
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    ESF v1.2 Crashes?!

    Mine is crashing as well. it was fine the first cople of days. Its even crashing with im just playing with bots :( its really annoying.
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    Polly Counts

    coool so 1500-4000 ill see what i can do :D
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    Polly Counts

    hi was wondering what polly counts the characters have to be for them to work in esf. thanx for any info
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    i dont mind that it just annoying me when people attack you when your transforming :( its like wow im going ssj then somone does some bean and you end up with 9 hp :/
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    can anyone train me?

    oh ok. will probly still take me ages to figger out. i always just press random directions in Av melee hehe
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    can anyone train me?

    i did see how they worked on the combo vids, you can see a few of them but they looked pritty hard to do just because there is also the aspect of having to hold it down for a lenght of time
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    can anyone train me?

    how have you people been learning the combos ?? is there some kind of website with them all on?
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    ESF Source

    Any idears if esf will be made into a esf conversion with hl2 comes out? The beam attacks would be fantastic with all the nice lighting etc and all the physics and stuff :D :shocked:
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    can anyone train me?

    Train your self like the rest of us hehe :D
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    just use steam