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    All CS retail users w/installer probs look here.

    I have found the solution to the beta 1.1 installer for all those with cs. all you have to do is creat a folder called "HALF-LIFE". this must be the exact name. then start the installer and it should work.
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    a focus for the dev team should be on the installer. the previous installers have had more errors and probs than i can count. its compatiblty w/ cs retail is terrible. try using an installer that is very compatible or use a zip file to install.
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    HELP!!! before i lose my mind!!!

    I have dl the beta 1.1 and beta 1.0. neither have worked due to some prblem with the installer. i have cs retail which is updated to 1.5. could the prob just be with my comp?
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    Installer Help

    I have Counterstrike retail that is fully updated. i downloaded esf 1.1 and when i start the installation it says checking for "previous installed components". Then it has an error and closes. What do i have to do to play?