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    SSJ2 aura

    i've made an ssj2 aura sound and its ready for d/l (copy and paste)
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    Power Struggle Bug

    if i block an energy beam, while in the strugle if i release block then quikly press it agen i can stop the energy beam and then if i am flying i can swich back to walk then quikly press block agen and it wont explode untill i relese even though i i am out of the range of the blast :laff:
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    budokai mode

    would it b posible 2 make a mode/map which give u unlimited or high health, then has a large tournament arena and a death trigger on the floor? sry if this has already been suggested
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    ssj3 goku sounds

    i just made a ssj3 goku transformation pack so 4 ssj3 users heres the link: ssj3 goku pack (copy & paste) :cool:
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    power strugle transformation

    i'm not sure if it has been suggested b4 but... wen in a player is blocking a powerful beam and enters the power struggle you should b able to transform in the middle of it (wen uv reached the perfect transformation lvl) for a energy cost is this posible?