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    dear esf team... every year again u try to fool me :) nice try and nice faked email ^^^^^^^ i nearly got fooled
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    Important Question about Remote Control

    okay i try to discribe my problem and i hope that someonecan help me..... i want to make a remote desktop connection between 2 pcs from windows XP to windows 2000 and i dont know what i have to do in windows 2k that it worx i hope that somebody can help me
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    Before 1.2 was released i heard that there should be a cvar where u can turn off advanced melee....
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    Dedicated Server

    How can i add Esf to steam dedicated server?????
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    Steam Server

    How can i create an INTERNET server on steam with my own pc??? on won it always worked and now when i press create a game then its only a LAN server.....
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    I wanted to know if someone else got the W32sasser worm.... i already removed it and sometimes there still comes the msg that the PC will shutdown in 60 secs.... (its not blaster worm i already removed it 2) please post what u know about this worm (4 everyone who doesent know: when the msg...
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    Transform in Struggel

    I think there should be a litte powerup or something like that when u go ssj in a beam struggel...... Please post your comments!
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    Could someone please post a link, i want to download the map i like this map very much and i want to play it again..... i found no link in this forum only 1 and it was broken please post one.
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    Evolution Mod

    Whats up wit the Evolution Mod is it DEAD ? ! ?
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    i think vegetas renzouku should be stronger and look more like this: much more ki blasts and then a struggle should appear...... tell me what you think about it!
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    Short Question

    okay i noticed that there is a command (cvar) called mp_allowsensubeans 1 but what is it for if i type it in game there´s happening nothing....... also if i write it into the listenserver.cfg....... can anybody tell me what this command is for?? or better: is there a way to use the...
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    i know that half life engine is not the best ^^ but would it be possible that if you turn your aura on that your hair are movin like powering up?? i think that would look a lot better ...... (like gokus hair they are moving now much faster if you power up in the air )
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    1.2 meelee upate?

    I heard that 1.2 is a big meelee update ....... the only question i have is if you creating a server can you choose between advanced meelee and normal meelee??
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    question: when someone meelees me and im flying back can i counter the attack while flying back i mean that you attack him???
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    Trunks sword .....

    he doesent put in his sword when i switch to an other attack! I tried to search for a solve and i downloadet 3 different weapon_sword.txts please help me or give me a link to a thread where this problem was discussed
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    old maps?

    I thought the maps wich were un textured are going to be textured in 1.1????? but my maps are old ........ and the room of spirit and time doesent look like on the screenshots!!!! Please tell me if i have to download the textures and where i have to...
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    ESF 1.1 Bug Report!

    okay please post here all bugs you noticed. When you make kame torpedos the sound doesent stop until he is out, and when you fire them there is no sound..... Take trunks press 1 and than change class to vegeta its confusing!!!! and the good old bug when you are blocking a beam...
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    Okay so far i played esf (downloaded the patch) and there are a few bugs i realized ill post some others later! 1 is that the sound when you shoot the kame torpedos is missing another is if you choose trunks he automatically tries to get out his sword. And if you have the sword in your hand and...
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    I think Goku is shooting the kame complete wrong it should look more like that(look on his hands: And vegeta i think he should charge up his FF in this position and he should get 2 big KI balls on each Hand and put his hands than together: or like that:
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    2 things which happend me

    i dont know if somebody knows already but: If you shoot frieza disk and you get meeleed you dont stop flying! and if you meelee somebody and you charge up a kame or i think a beam 2 and he dies after he hits a wall than he was killed by the kame...... i hope you can understand this....(bad...