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    A Merry Christmas to everyone!~

    Merry Christmass to everyone & anyone, whoever & wherever you are, I hope all your dreams & aspirations come true. May life continue side by side with happiness, for without happiness life is but resistance to death. Merry Christmas all.:D
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    Found a new bug yesterday, thought that i should report it, this is what happened: I was playing on a home made server (not mine but great ping 36 or so) with about 4 players, i got into a powr struggle i was wining slightly then i ran out of all energy, so i thought i'd press turbo to see...
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    Boasting Your Power

    Hello Everyone, i'd like to make just a very simple, easy (i hope) & quick suggestion. I have seen the new power up effect, & i like it alot, but the power-up is IMOHO is tiny, maybe it would be good to make it the larger your powerlevel is the larger your turbo & power-up effect is, i.e larger...
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    Power Ups

    Hello people, i have seen the new movie clips & I think the mod looks awsome so far, but there was one thing that i found not to my likeing. The effect is great, don't get me wrong but the size of the powerup is very small, personally i would like to see it increased if not a little....I know...
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    The effect a beam would have...

    I am not sure if this is either addressed or in the mod as of yet, but i had to just make the suggestion anyway. It would be awsome IMHO if that when you cast a beam, slowly as your charging it little peices of rock and land start rising around you, getting larger, and when in fact you do fire...
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    A different view on melle attacks

    In a recent thread i have read a thought on mellee "grabing" I thought of an interesting idea as i read through it. Here is what i say to the Thread & another altogether different but similar idea. That is a very interesting proposition you all put forth, and if by chance this does get put in...