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    My site / templates / signature / affbuttons / favicon :-)

    My art: And some more: The whole site is also a piece of art, so are the other templates. Favicon: Bookmark. Affbuttons Dynamic signature (look below)
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    Z4 "Power Struggle City" Banned...

    Well Im playing in a server, title of the topic inside the ""s I have 15m pl transformed from wishes "Cellarena map" I charge a kame with goku, Use the teleport while attack is charged / charging and nailed somone, next up I get disconnected from server, Im like huh? Retry in console...
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    Get 6 dbs, only to have somone steal wish with last db

    I am suggesting that you can hold more than 1 db, when u get 7 u press use and can make a wish without dropping them, without all that, if you get killed, touch luck you drop them
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    Can make wishes in spectator mode.

    Somone was in my server a red diamond shaped thing was near the dbs, always summoning the dragon, only person in spectator was "SONIC" with this id: "236075" exploiting this to hell... I went to spectator to test it, and it let me summon, I banned him from my server, everyone else should to...
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    If server name is too long, server crashes.

    If your server name is for example Small dl (No Melee) and click ok it will goto console and then crash if it is shorter (No Melee) It doesnt crash
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    Can make a wish, even when the dbs are grey

    I was playing a map, the dbs spawned together... you can click use key while they are grey and cannot be picked up and you can wish... so....
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    Reset server by doing a "trick" bug.

    Hey, I found a bug that allows anyone to crash / reset a server by doing a trick... I would prefer if a team member would pm me and ill respond with the bug as this wouldnt be too great if it went public