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    Colt 1911

    here is a colt 1911 i drew crits please
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    New Siggeh

    its okay but its not my style i like grunge bg witout pics
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    my best sig critz please

    <img src="" width=400 height=100>
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    Goku Drawing (im 13) please give critz

    thx for asking 5 months 13 days today
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    virtigo seven here is a sig i made you pm box was full dude

    hey about you needing a sig do u want dbz in it or gundam wing need answer soon because im going to be on vac. <img src="" width=400 height=100> here is one i made just incase you wanted to se some of my work if you use this one pleas give me...
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    new sig critz please

    hey guys to the advise check out the new sig its in my signature now
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    new better sig

    look in my sig oh and critz please
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    sig problem

    ok ive been makeing sigs and getting crits and people say the images are streched and smushed (such as my current sig) where can i get some pics that are scaled to look good on a sig scaled 600x200
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    Sig Plzz

    smurf if you like this bg i can make you one
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    new sig critz please

    <img src="" width=600 height=200>
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    Sig Plzz

    hey smurf ill make you one now ...... unless you dont think mine is that great only my first sig but im good at it in my opinion
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    first sig

    my first sig is the one in my signature how does it look crits please
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    Goku Drawing (im 13) please give critz

    mystic for starters if your trying to say i traced i didnt i dont trace if you would like proof i have other DBZ char that ive drawn that i can post
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    Goku Drawing (im 13) please give critz

    Goku Drawing please give critz Hey guys i used to post alot of drawings when i first started drawing but thery where crapy so here is a drawing from the present.
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    underwater map...

    Hey neon its me xXx3dfc im sure woozy aka awsumamike knows how ask him after all he is teaching you more than he is me cause like i said i do models more than maps :) P.S we know its easy and not hard but its your first map so im cool with that and i think everyone will like the map me and...
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    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    ok here is a 3d bg attempt first 3d bg
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    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    if you look long enough it looks like your looking down a tornado thats why i made it that way
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    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    Well here is a background i made. And wangster is right back off a little im new at drawing anime style
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    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    thanks for all the critz i will improve as i have more practice and thanks for the help i will post some more art later on in the week or day maybe even some of my screenies from my goku model P.S. i'd like to see some of talls drawings aswell
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    [SSJ-SSJ3]Goku's Book o' Art

    Here is my 3rd drawing this time its frieza