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    Ki and Scouter Suggestions!

    Ok, does anyone remember in the early episodes of DBZ, where Raddiz was using his scouter against Goku and Piccles, than got stunned when they charged up and their Ki rose, and was even more stunned when Gohan's Ki exploded? Well, this just accounts for the scouter part for my suggestions, but...
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    "Im gonna crash your server!"? Possible or bluff?

    Ok, some f**king kid comes on my server, tells me to kick bots out or else he'se going to crash my server! I kick him out, no more than 3 minutes later my server crashes. I cant keep a steady game for 5 minutes. Is there a patch for this? Can people really do this exploit? Im not talking...
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    Advanced mellee suggestion!

    Ok, everyone knows how in Advanced mellee you basically never score hits on someone unless he get's that random thingie. Well heres a good suggestion, make some new bonuses that randomize things a little more. Engaging... Attacker: Gets a 25% bigger bonus to score a "randomized" hit on...