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    ESF 1.2 + HL

    Is there any way that i can run ESF through HL rather then through steam? Basicly im at uni and steam cant get through the firewall's. Any help would be great.
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    Game modes?

    For some reason when i make a server i carnt change the game mod. I not only change it in the server creation section but i can not change it within the game. I have tryed both Free for All and CTDB's. I have tryed the mp_gamemode commads as well. What am i doing wrong? I also heard...
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    Polly Counts

    hi was wondering what polly counts the characters have to be for them to work in esf. thanx for any info
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    ESF Source

    Any idears if esf will be made into a esf conversion with hl2 comes out? The beam attacks would be fantastic with all the nice lighting etc and all the physics and stuff :D :shocked:
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    Cople of quick questions

    Hi all new to the fourms. I played the first beta loads and loved it and i have just come back for this 1.2 and its pritty cool so far just a cople of quick questions. 1) can you power up to ssj2 in this latest version? i wasnt sure if it was somthing they would be added to these later...